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9 Signs of a Quality DUI Lawyer in Mount Pleasant

Did you know 18.5 million adults acknowledged driving under the influence in a given year? If you've driven after drinking, your impaired... Read More
A man is reading a book in a library, McGrath Law Firm, Mount Pleasant Law Firm, Mount Pleasant, S.C.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Mount Pleasant Lawyer

Do you need to hire a Mount Pleasant lawyer to represent you in a personal injury case, a divorce case, or... Read More
A woman is standing next to the desk, where a man is writing a note in a legal notebook, McGrath Law Firm, Wills, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

What to Expect From the Probate Process in Mount Pleasant, SC

Did you know that nearly sixty percent of adults do not have a will or trust? No matter how old you are,... Read More
Briefcase with a mechanical balance scale and gavel, McGrath Law Firm, Criminal Law, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

How to Get a Criminal Conviction Off Your Record

Approximately 70 million Americans have criminal records. This undoubtedly impacts their lives and opportunities. It can create barriers to employment, housing, education,... Read More
The words Child Custody next to a gavel on a plank of wood, McGrath Law Firm, Child Custody, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

5 Things You Should Know About Child Custody Hearings

Why does the sun rise and set every day? A question that might seem unrelated, but in the context of... Read More
A New Luxury Home on a 2-acre lot for scale. McGrath Law Firm, Specializing in Real Estate Law.

How a Family Lawyer Can Help You Invest in Real Estate

In the United States alone, people spend more than $25 billion on the services of real estate law firms every year. There... Read More

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